KALLIERGOS OTM SA holds a prominent position among the design and engineering companies in Greece today. Studies of civil engineering projects carried out over the past 40 years in both the public and private sectors have earned the company and established its customers' trust.

 Aiming at performing design services of scientific integrity and with respect to the requirements of the projects, the company has gained the necessary experience to be able to successfully undertake large infrastructure projects both in Greece and internationally. Good cooperation with other companies in the same or other technical fields has always played a key role in the smooth and successful conduct of studies.

 The role of the engineer in a project is a fundamental quest for the company's engineers. Respect for the philosophy and uniqueness of each construction, regardless of the size or importance, was and continues to be a fundamental pursuit of engineers working for KALLIERGOS OTM SA.

 The company invests daily in new technologies related to the design process while maintaining the irreplaceable knowledge that comes from experience leading to the engineer's intuition towards structures.

 Along with its research activities, the company has been an active member of the scientific community of engineers throughout its history. Both within its ranks with the constant training of its associates as also with the academic work of its founders in the field of education, KALLIERGOS OTM SA has been a channel of knowledge between young engineers and the marketplace of the technical world.