KALLIERGOS O.T.M. S.A. holds a prominent position within the landscape of design and engineering companies in Greece. Its extensive study of civil engineering projects, spanning four decades in both the public and private sectors, has solidified the trust of its clientele. The company is dedicated to conducting design services with scientific integrity, tailoring its approach to meet project requirements. This dedication has equipped the firm with the necessary expertise to successfully undertake large-scale infrastructure projects both domestically and abroad.

The company values strong collaboration with other firms in related technical fields, recognizing its significance in ensuring the seamless and successful execution of projects. Central to the ethos of KALLIERGOS O.T.M. S.A. is the fundamental commitment of its engineers to play an integral role in every project they undertake. They approach each construction project with profound respect for its unique attributes, irrespective of its size or significance.

KALLIERGOS O.T.M. S.A. actively invests in modern technologies associated with the design process while preserving the invaluable insights that come from experience, fostering an intuitive understanding of structural dynamics among its engineers. In addition to its research endeavors, the company remains deeply engaged in the scientific community of engineers, actively contributing to the professional development of its associates through ongoing training initiatives. Moreover, the company serves as a conduit for knowledge transfer between budding engineers and the dynamic landscape of the technical industry, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.