Boyati Bridge In Athens

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The bridge carries the Athens – Salonica Railroad line over the Athens – Lamia Motorway at Boyiati. The old steel bridge – which served the traffic before – had to be replaced due to Motorway widening and the provision of new railroad lines. The entire bridge comprises 4 simply supported spans (28.1+32.7+32.7+28.1) and has a total length of 121,6m. The deck structure is formed by 9 precast pretensioned beams (which were launched by cranes) together with in – situ reinforced concrete deck slab and bottom flange. The bridge is founded on bored piles. Construction cost (1993) 416 mil. drachmas per carriageway.

CLIENTMinistry for Environment Dir. of Road Constructions of Attiki
PERIOD1993 to 1995