Vacation House - Kea - Kyklades

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On a steep site on the island of Kea, we were asked to design a vacation house with emphasis for a floor-plan on one even level and easy access to the parking area. The orientation of all main spaces towards the sea –northwest- was the second requirement.

Considering this program and the construction regulations of the area, the building was located at the proper distance from the road, and organized in two floor plans: a main residence on the upper-even level, and a guest area with ancillary spaces below.

The main residence was divided in two clear functional zones, visible both on plan and volume. Placed in parallel with the contour lines and at distance from each other, these two volumes acquire the best possible view to the sea. The space between them is an important junction point, as it defines a spacious, almost transparent entrance area, and at the same time unifies the protected -from the harsh winds- courtyards.

On the level below, the guest area faces northwest. Designed in projection and tiled with the local stone, it forms a strong base that blends with the site.  

PERIOD2010 to 2011
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNArchitectural bureau 3