Attiki Odos Plakentia Interchange Bridges

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The Plakentia Interchange comprises a group of structures arranged at four different levels and serves the following facilities. Level 1 : Line 3 of Athens Metro and Plakentia Station building. Level 2 : E.E.S. freeway and the suburban R/R Line. Level 3 : Plakentias avenue and on grade ramps. Level 4 : Viaducts TE 11 over ramps and TE 03 over Plakentias avenue. The TE 11 bridge has a total length 385m (longer span 44,50m) whereas bridge TE 03 has a total length 314,0m (longer span 42,0m).

CLIENT Ministry for Environment Dir. of Road Constructions of Attiki
PERIOD2001 to 2004
TYPE Roadbridges
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