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The Bridges A09-TE05 (right carriage way) and A09-TE06 (left carriage way) are located close to CH 46+900 in the section STERNA I/C – ARTEMISSION Tunnel of the new KORINTHOS – TRIPOLI Motorway. Both bridges were built using the balanced cantilever method with three continuous spans of 55+90+55=200m and 65+110+65=240m for TE05 and TE06 respectively. The variable height box girder deck is monolithically connected to the piers and bears on solid seat type abutments via pot bearings. TE05 piers M1 and M2 are hollow box type 7.30x5.00 in plan with 0.75m wall thickness and heightsof 20.60m (M1) and 28.0m (M2). TE06 piers M1 and M2 are similarly hollow 6.50x5.00m in plan with 0.75 thick walls heights 19.50m (M1) and 27.60m (M2). All piers were constructed using climbing forworks and bear on solid 10.0m long and 10m diameter cylindrical shafts. The seat type abutments are founded directly on limestone formations.

PERIOD2007 to 2011
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