Plaka Bridge

The subject of the study is the restoration of Plaka Bridge as a historically significant monument (Government Gazette B 621/1972), which partially collapsed on February 1, 2015, and is the largest single-arch bridge in the Balkans region.

The bridge consists of the central arch with a clear span of 40m and the approach ramps on both sides. Relief openings (arches) are formed in both approaches, separating the area of the Intermediate Piers from that of the End Piers. The Eastern Arch is approximately 6.6m wide, and the Western Arch is approximately 5.2m wide. The total length at the level of the abutments is approximately 72m. The width of the bridge at the deck level (including the abutments) is variable, with a minimum value of 3.20m in the area of the Central Arch and a maximum of approximately 4.5m and 5.0m at the ends of the approaches.

Project Cost: €4,750,000 (including VAT) Contingency: €305,000 (including VAT)

CLIENT     Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport G.D. of Transportation Infrastructure Directorate of Road Infrastructure
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